Case Studies

Settlement: $1,000,000 –

57 year old iron worker fell through an opening in the roof during the renovation of a commercial building, landing on a concrete slab 25 feet below. After surgery to repair numerous broken bones, he died six weeks later at the hospital as a result of medical malpractice. He left behind seven children, all except one emancipated.

Case was brought under various sections of the Labor Law of New York and involved violations of the Industrial Code. The lawsuit was brought against the General Contractor and the building owner for their failure to provide appropriate safety equipment and a safe place to work. After investigation and discovery was conducted by Joe Strassman, including eight depositions and fending off dismissal motions prior to jury selection.

Settlement: $1,000,000 –

Medical malpractice suit: failure to timely advise pregnant mother that fetus suffered from life-threatening disease that had the mother known, she would have had an early termination of that pregnancy. Her child was born with crippling medical problems, requiring lifetime, around-the-clock care.

Settlement: $750,000 –

The plaintiff, a 50 year old passenger in a two car automobile accident, sustained a torn rotator cuff, as well as back and neck injuries. As time went on, she developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy which caused her to have chronic pain in her arm, hand and fingers. Constant weakness and numbness in her hand caused her to drop objects due to lack of proper sensation in that hand. Through meticulous trial preparation, including retaining an expert in the field of “RSD”, the case was settled right after jury selection.

Verdict: $368,000

Passenger in auto, eye injury.

Settlement: $500,000

Auto accident. Leg fractures.

Settlement: $400,000

Ceiling collapse in apartment building. Head injury.

Settlement: $635,000

Auto Accident. Neck fracture.

Settlement: $275,000

Sponge left in teenager following surgery.

Verdict: $645,000

Auto accident. Herniated discs.

Settlement: $635,000

Husband and wife auto accident. Fractures.

Settlement: $180,000

Child dog bite. Scarring.

Settlement: $400,000

Medical malpractice involving 57 year old woman’s death. Undiagnosed endocarditis.

Settlement: $350,000

Medical malpractice involving 65 year old hospital patient’s death. Undiagnosed pneumonia.

Settlement: $625,000

Pedestrian struck. Hip fracture.

Settlement: $325,000

Customer assaulted by store security guards.

Settlement: $300,000

Tree trimmer struck by falling limb.

Settlement: $300,000

Medical malpractice. Failure to diagnose heart disease resulting in death.

Settlement: $425,000

Medical malpractice. Failure to diagnose cervical cancer in 53 year old woman.

Settlement: $402,000

Auto accident involving 27 year old woman. Neck fracture.