Joe has that rare ability to be kind and caring to a client in pain, while at the same time an aggressive and strong counselor when dealing with an insurance company, their lawyers, and the court. He guided me through my case every step of the way, and patiently translated for me all the legalese of the case in terms and concepts that I was able to understand.

Jessie W.

I have been a client of Joe Strassman for over twenty-five years. He has shown himself time and again to be an outstanding lawyer who, by virtue of his intelligence and empathy, has always come through for me whenever I needed him the most. These views are shared by the several clients that I have referred to him over the years.

Mary G.

As a physician and long time friend and client, I can state that you can't have anything but respect for and utmost faith in Joe both personally and professionally. His negotiating skills, and sheer likability make him a cut way above the usual perception of an attorney. He is a trusted advisor and friend.

Dr. Bruce K.

What a powerful combination of talents: the husband and wife team of Joe Strassman and Rhonda Thon. They held things together during the roughest period of my life after I was nearly killed in a car accident; they referred me to highly skilled and compassionate doctors and therapists, and ultimately obtained for me a financial settlement that secured my future and gave me peace of mind.

Carolyn R.