Our practice is focused on all areas involving personal injury including automobile accidents and falls, victims of medical, psychiatric or psychological , podiatric, and chiropractic malpractice, as well as those injured by a defective or dangerous device, product, or drug.

Personal Injuries

People injured by the negligent operation of a car, taxi, truck, motorcycle, or bus, whether they were a driver, passenger or pedestrian need immediate and long-range experienced legal assistance.  Our expert staff of attorneys and paralegals know exactly what to do to obtain your No-Fault benefits so that your medical bills and lost wages are covered, as well as investigating your case, and filing suit against the negligent party or parties that caused your injury, so that you are properly compensated.

Whether you’ve been bitten by  someones dog, slipped on ice or snow, tripped on a broken step, torn carpet in someones home, or on a sidewalk, you can be sure we will retain the investigator and experts necessary to prove your case and hold the negligent parties responsible and financially accountable.

In accident cases it is critical to preserve evidence and timely file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations. It is therefore important to retain experienced personal injury counsel as soon as possible after an accident. Our personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis so you only pay a fee if we obtain a settlement or verdict for you. Our combined legal experience in personal injury exceeds 50 years. At the Law Offices of Joseph B. Strassman we will spare no expense or effort to maximize your settlement or award.

Medical Malpractice

Even well-meaning and dedicated doctors, dentists, and other health care professionals make medical errors due to their negligence.  When that happens, the results can be devasting.  Our attorneys employ the best experts in the country to determine whether a meritorious case exists, and if so, to use those experts at trial to convince a jury of our position. Medical negligence can come in the form of a missed or delayed diagnosis, carelessness in performing surgery, failure to timely treat infections, and more.

Patients under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist have particularly sensitive problems and involve an even higher degree of trust. When that trust is violated, we’re here to help.

The statute of limitations in a medical malpractice case generally is two years and six months from the last date of treatment. When malpractice is suspected, doctor’s records must be promptly ordered and reviewed by the appropriate expert. When we believe there’s a meritorious case, we take detailed and rigorous depositions of the defendants and make exhaustive requests for key documents, in order to gather every piece of evidence needed to prevail in a complex malpractice trial.

Dental Malpractice

A Dentist’s failure to properly diagnose and treat tooth or gum disease often leads to conditions enhancing decay, infections, and tooth loss. Dental malpractice may also include the improper use or placement of implants, crowns, as well as unnecessary or improperly performed root canal and tooth extractions. Dental care can sometimes run in the $30,000–50,000 range, so it is particularly disturbing when a patient pays that kind of money only for it to result in an aesthetically poor appearance, structural abnormality, or both.

Products Liability

Whether it’s an unsafe drug, or defectively designed exploding air bag, our attorneys are very experienced in holding those manufacturers accountable for placing dangerous or improperly tested products into the marketplace. Products liability litigation requires particular expertise, because product manufacturers often try to drown injured victims and their attorneys in discovery. Our attorneys are tenacious, and relentlessly fend off all attempts by faulty product manufacturer’s attorneys to thwart our efforts to obtain justice and fair compensation for our clients.